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Byppay is a global digital solution for discounted invoice payments. We aim to benefit both contractors and suppliers of goods and services, allowing our clients to have the smallest fees and the shortest wait time. The technology Byppay uses is the fastest way for both parties to get paid, and most importantly, Byppay is the most affordable and secure platform for paying invoices. Comparing to the most popular banks in Spain, Byppay is at least 71,4% more affordable in terms of capital, and in terms of time – your invoice is paid in 1 day maximum.

Byppay is made for anyone who pays invoices for their business. As a contractor, you don't need bank loans to pay your suppliers for the goods they’ve provided. Your client pays directly to your supplier. As a supplier, you get paid in less than 24 hours, avoiding legal disputes and destroying your relationships with clients and contractors.

The technology Byppay uses is the fastest way for both parties to get paid, and most importantly, Byppay is the most affordable and secure platform for paying invoices. Because your payments are safely held on the Blockchain thanks to the one-of-a-kind technology we have developed in Byppay, you can be guaranteed of the following:

1) Your funds will be kept secure;
2) Your funds will be received as soon as they are sent;
3) Your funds will always reach the intended recipient.

We are truly ecstatic to offer the most secure, fast, and convenient invoice payment solution on the market.

In less than 24 hours. The platform lets you send invoices with pre configuration instructions - you don’t need any special knowledge or training – Byppay makes it super-easy and super-fast for each party. Comparing to the most popular banks in Spain, Byppay operates at least 50% faster, your invoice will be paid in 1 day maximum.

Factoring is a financial transaction in which a business sells its accounts receivable to a third party at a discount. In case of Byppay (we use it as a verb, to byppay), it means to split the cost of your invoice with your client. For example, you are a contractor, and don’t want to get a loan from a bank in order to pay your suppliers. You negotiate with your client to either pay 50% of your invoice - that’s byppaying, better known as factoring, or pay the full 100%.

We all know that banks are tiring, bureaucratic, take a super long time to process any kind of operation, and demand a high interest rate on loans. Byppay, on the other hand, doesn’t want you to go into debt – this solution simply arranges for your client to pay directly to your supplier. If you are the contractor - you don’t need to get loans from banks in order for your invoice to be paid. Your client is the one to pay your supplier, and you can focus your attention on your business – no need to worry about loans and funding.

If you are the supplier - you don’t need to pursue your contractor to pay you for the work you’ve completed. Simply add them to the auto-generated WhatsApp chat, reach an agreement, and get paid in less than 24 hours.

You will save time and money since Byppay has the lowest costs on the market (at least 71,4% more economic). Your contractor is happy to avoid loans, and pay or byppay his invoices And your supplier is paid in less than 24 hours after the funds are sent (at least 50% less in wait time).

Byppay provides a user-friendly interface for both client and supplier to connect online, facilitates online payment between counterparties, and gives a simple and direct solution that sets it apart from the traditional invoice payment methods. In other words, you only need to make a few steps, whether you want to get paid on your invoice (you are the supplier) or get it paid by your client (you are the contractor):

1. Invite your client and supplier to the Byppay app;
2. Negotiate the deal and upload the invoice;
3. Your client pays directly to the supplier for the materials they’ve provided. The contractor can now focus fully on the business and save headaches worrying about funding.

Easy as that.

Currently, there is a webapp available. You can visit it at app.byppay.com . The mobile app is in development.

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